Brampton City Flower Parade

flower3Brampton was initially integrated into the rest of Canada as a small village in the year 1853, inheriting its title from the rustic locality of the same name in England. Presently, it is the third-biggest municipality in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the eleventh largest city of the country.

It was once labeled with the designation of the Flower Town of Canada because of the locality’s enormous greenhouse and vegetation related trade; now a shift in economic priorities has been experienced following the development of other mainstream industries including innovative engineering, food and beverages, marketing and merchandising as well as information, communication and logistical services. However, the city has not forgotten its rich cultural heritage and the annual Flower City Parade still takes place in Brampton without fail. It can be considered to be a city that has enormous pride in its vivacious population; the annual parade is to rejoice at the city’s floral tradition and it brings to the locals a wealth of culture from all over the world. There is a lot planned for the week-long event that goes on regardless of whether it is shine or rain – there is the fruit-filled Farmer’s Market in which a number of stalls and exhibitions are set up to present the attendees with wholesome and healthy food from all around the world. Freshly baked products, vegetables, fruits and handicrafts can be found in the Market.

This event is usually followed by the highlight of the carnival – the Flower Show; a diverse assortment of flowers is put on display, attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the world and the concluding event is normally the Get Healthy-Yogapalooza that takes place in Gage Park. The festival also includes a large number of Bollywood mini-carnivals that cater to the city’s considerable South-Asian community as well as other events that appeal to different shades to individuals.

flower1In the last Annual Flower Parade that took place in the year 2012, the rich culture of the Bollywood industry was celebrated and interwoven into the main procession – it therefore became the basic theme for the entire carnival. Hence it was appropriately called Brampton Welcomes Bollywood. The event usually takes a lot of time and energy and requires the shutting down of a large number of roads and businesses, putting life on hold for a number of the city dwellers. However, it features a variety of amusements for the citizenry – brilliantly colored, flower-filled floats, a number of real-life animated characters such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, trained animals, energetic marching bands, jokers, professionals on stilts, local clubs and a lot more. This is a much welcome break from the everyday routine for the people and is the one of the most important sources of seasonal revenue for local population, allowing them to gain some financial relief for the remainder of the year.

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