Gage Park

Sir William James Gage

Born near Brampton, educated there and at the Toronto Normal School, Gage taught for a time and studied medicine for a year before joining, in 1874, the publishing house of Adam Miller and Co. In 1875 he become a partner and five years later reorganized the firm as W.J. Gage and Co. Specializing in educational books, it become one of the most successful publishing houses in Canada. A philanthropist and a pioneer in the public battle against tuberculosis, Gage established several free hospitals and sanatoria. He died in Toronto.

Town Of BramptonTown Of Brampton

This Bell was installed in 1913 as part of the clockwork in the tower of the Dominion Building, 8 Queen Street East. It was cast by John Taylor & Co.. Loughborough, Leicestershire, England.

The Bell was restored and installed at this location by Benson & Hedges tobacco company as part of the company’s contribution to the centennial celebration of the Town of Brampton.

2005 Year of The Veteran
2005 Year of The Veteran

 The Veteran

The Veteran was carved in 2005 in our of the National Year of the Veteran, from the trunk of a dying red oak that had stood for over a century.

The statue is modeled on Bill Bettridge, a decorated Veteran of World War II and survivor of Operation Overlord, the D-Day landing in Normandy, France that ultimately lead to the end of the war. It stands in silent tribute to the many men and women of Brampton who served and continue to serve our nation in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping missions around the world so that we may live in freedom and in peace.

The Veteran is looking toward the Brampton Cenotaph reminding all of Brampton’s citizens that we have a duty to honour the service, sacrifice, and the memory of all Veterans.

Craved by Jim Menken.

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